Support Person of the Year

Erica Lackey 2019 - 2020 Support Person of the Year

Mrs. Erica Lackey is a native of Covington GA.  She is married to her long time husband Fred Lackey Jr. and has two children and one granddaughter.  Her children were both graduates of the Newton County School System.  In the year 2008, she was employed with the Newton County School System as a substitute teacher and then later as a paraprofessional in both regular and special education.  She is currently serving our school as an administrative assistant to Dr. LaMoyne A. Brunson, III and Mrs. Ebony Smith.

“She has a passion for teaching and for children, a creative mind, and limitless energy.  When you put that together you have a very special person” Carolyn Adams.  This statement more than reflects Mrs. Lackey’s personality.  Her passion with working with children is very dear to her heart. She holds a love for everyone she meets whether in our community or in our schools.  Her personality shines through and you do indeed have a very special person.  Upon receiving the honor of support person of the year, she was surprised and credits faithfulness and hard work for the achievement she received.