G.E.M.S stands for girls empowered and motivated to succeed. 
We are an all-girls mentor group currently mentoring to 4th and 5th grade girls. 

Mission and Vision Statement

The mission of G.E.M.S. is to enhance self-esteem and promote comradery among young ladies as they successfully transition into middle school by developing leadership skills, increasing awareness of college life, and encouraging service within the community.

Our vision is to  inspire young ladies to become successful leaders by  building their  self-esteem and character and allowing them to use their voices and talents to make the world a better place!

The belief is that each girl has the potential to become a leader in her school and community. G.E.M.S. offers a custom curriculum that focuses on helping girls build leadership skills through self-reflection, critical thinking, sound decision making, goal setting, clear communication and personal accountability. As a result, G.E.M.S. girls develop a true sense of their personal power, and their outcomes are incredible!

Ethical or moral  quality; Qualities of courage and honesty

We are a inspiring and supportive group of girls, ladies, and women who are developing character. We lay the foundation for ourselves through character development. We teach girls to use their  intellectual and emotional resources to build character.

 Act of acquiring knowledge

Developing the power to make judgments and preparing oneself or others intellectually for established life. The most important thing we can obtain in this world is knowledge. Knowledge comes in many forms through school, reading, experiences, and talking. W challenge and expose our girls to knowledge and develop their skills to inquire and research.

Ability to lead, direct, and guide

As a leader we help others learn just as we have been helped. We ask the best of others just as someone shaped the best in us. We will train our girls to be leaders.

An act of helpful activity, help; aid

Service is the rent we pay for the privilege of living on this earth.” ~Shirley Chisholm

The pursuit of  purpose requires our  absolute best, and our absolute best cannot be attained without the help of others. Active service helps us to understand others, our community, and ourselves.

Takeyah Willingham
Karen Lloyd
Mary Goodwin
Shiffon Jefferson
Chelsea Logan
Kimberly Souder
Bernice Martin
Renee Anderson 
Gwendolyn Gilmore