Cookie Man Fundraiser
    Thank you to every student who helped make our Cookie Man fundraiser a huge success!  The top selling class was Mrs. Bridgette's kindergarten class who sold over $1000 in merchandise!  
    top class cookie man

    Top Sellers included: Jade White in Mrs. Martin's class, Taniyah Sims and Isaiah Williams in Mrs. Jacob's class.
    top sellers

    Happy Assistant Principal's Week!  We appreciate ALL you do for our school Mrs. Crews!!!
    AP week

    Welcome our new school nurse, Tish Huckins!  

    new nurse

    Ms. Helms gifted class participated in the Stock Market Game this semester.  Two of our students WON for our Congressional District!!  Congratulations to 4th graders Serenity Davis and Trevon Taylor!

    Stock market game winners


    Mrs. Lyons' 2nd grade class had a great time modeling the phases of the moon. They created each moon phase by consuming a piece of their cookie.  They used their scientific and academic language: orbit, new moon, waxing crescent,  tool, consume.  It was fantastic!!!!!  

    lyons 1lyons 2
    lyons 4lyons 3
    lyons 5lyons 6

    4th grade ESOL students had their initial session with their "Book Buddies" today.  They are helping our newest students (in Pre-K) work on letter identification and letter sounds.  This program promotes reading and literacy for ALL students.  Our little ones not only learn how to read, but develop a love for reading.  Our older students learn patience, empathy, and the importance of service.  
    esol book buddy 1esol book buddy 3

    4th Grade ESOL students celebrated Mrs. Reyes, our bilingual paraprofessional,  with cards and singing on her birthday today! We love Mrs. Reyes!

    birthday reyes